Fantaisie Kids was founded in 1995, inspired by a woman’s dedication to and love of all things baby.   Speaking of natural things, our use of 100% natural cotton always assures the baby’s comfort and mom’s peace of mind.  All of our fashions and designs are baby-centric, with ample sizing ensuring an artful accommodation for the baby’s comfort and mom’s convenience.  Form follows Fantaisie Kids’ function and in a timeless, traditional showcasing of durability, superb craftsmanship, and artistry. Every hand-stitched garment proves a seamstress’s miracle of practice, professional skill, and patience.

Our beautifully designed fashions always accent to highlight and never hide or overpower your baby or child. From our “Take me home” layettes to a full line of Christening gowns, to rompers, or day outfits, boy’s attire, or girl’s dresses; our hand embroidery and our industry trademarked, hand smocked dresses, whether infant, toddler, or small child up to size six,  we guarantee you will be delighted by the consistent excellence of our product.  They are simply beautiful.

When each piece is completed, it is first inspected by the group’s head seamstress before being sent to our laundry to be washed, and hand ironed, folded, and sealed in a properly labeled plastic bag.  We pride ourselves on the reliability of our quality control as well as our product’s consistent quality and durability.  Our employees have been carefully trained and encouraged to always strive for ever-improving outcomes.

Nothing Fantaisie Kids has ever produced has ever come out of a sweatshop or off a factory floor.  We have never employed child labor.  A cursory examination of any garment bearing our label will immediately disprove any such questions or false assertions.  On the contrary, our clothing is designed and sewn by highly skilled, experienced professionals.  Hand stitching, hand embroidery, and hand smocking isn’t anything a child can be taught to do.  Almost all of our associates, colleagues, employees, and collaborations have been with us since we first opened our doors.

In a little over the 25 years that we have been in business, business models and paradigms have changed many times over in the new, global economy.  Conditions have often been challenging.  Fantaisie Kids has had to pedal double hard sometimes just to adapt and keep current.  However, what has never changed or wavered is our unqualified commitment to bring the finest quality product to market for the lowest possible price points.  We have steadfastly insisted on delivering real, unbeatable, almost unbelievable value to our customers.  Consider it our pledge to you going forward.

We are now offering direct, retail customer access to what was once our manufacturing wholesale pricing.  If you should find cause to contact us by phone, you will almost certainly find yourself speaking with our owner, founder, and chief operating officer, PhuongPhuong insists on having literally all calls following her cell phone 24/7 wherever she goes.  Her dedication to direct, personalized and prompt customer service speaks volumes to her commitment to you, the customer, her employees, and our company.  It’s only part of the reason we are all so proud to be a part of her extended family.