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Ivory Lace Christening Dress& Bonnet

Hand Venetian Embroidered Scalloped Ruffle Collar Dress & Diaper Cover

Silk Sailor Longalls

White Unisex Christening Hand Crochet Socks

1PC Tuxedo Christening Outfit & Beret


3 PC Smocked Boy Christening Outfit

Cut Work Embroidered Christening Gown & Bonnet

Smocked Crochet Lace Gown


Smocked Boy Romper & Hat

Smocked Cotton Christening Dress & Bonnet

Cross Smocked Romper &Beret

Smocked Ivory Taffeta Silk Gown & Bonnet


Cross Embroidered Romper & Beret

Faggoting Boy Romper & Beret

Floral Lace Tulle Gown

Cross Embroidered Boys Gown

Bows and Flowers Tulle Gown

Ruffle Yoke Bishop Gown

Tuxedo Vest Romper

V-Shaped Smocked Gown


Smocked Bishop Dress

Batiste Smocked Set

Smocked Bishop Dress & Bloomers

Fagoting Stitched Boys Romper

You want your child’s christening to be a special and memorable event, which is why their christening clothes are an important decision. When you shop online at Fantaisie kids, you’ll be able to browse our wide selection of christening outfits for both baby boys and baby girls. From rompers and dresses to gowns and socks and bonnets, you are sure to find the perfect christening outfit for your little one. Contact Fantaisie Kids today for help with ordering sizing, and more.